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“ We have been extremely pleased by the quality of the software created by Sharp Vision Software. SVS has proven to be an ideal partner to work with in developing cutting edge educational programs to satisfy and challenge our physician learners."

Chad Jackson, MS, RRT, CCMEP, Director of Clinical Simulation & Innovation Center at the American College of Chest Physicians

“ We would work with SVS again. The [Apt+ Multimedia Training System] has been very well received and has had a large benefit beyond the original scope. It is professional looking and intuitive for the end user… It has been distributed beyond the project team at Exxon and is being used as a training tool for new employees."

Bill St. George, Subsea Controls Engineer at ExxonMobil

“ This is, from my perspective, the best 3D animation Fuji ever has been able to show, which is due to the fact that a dedicated and highly professional team from Sharp Vision Software had the ability to create such a piece."

Carlo Thurau, Manager of Medical Systems Division at FujiFilm

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